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We believe that choosing the right dance program is a key step in enabling your child's physical and social development, and we want you to be 100% comfortable knowing you've made the right decision.

Please join our email list for details about free popup classes, special events, and special one-day classes.  Use this link or email

We will share with you details on community pop-up classes for your child to attend, and you'll see if the studio is right for you and your family, all with no obligations and no strings attached. Your dancer can attend class in leggings and a T or can dress like a ballerina. Boys can wear any color knit shorts with a solid color T-shirt.


A few things to know about Muncie Ballet, we started in 1991 and have held to our goal for over 30 years. 

We have fun, FABULOUS shows, while promoting classical music and dance. 

No shimmies or shaking going on. We don't think it's funny or cute when children have inappropriate choreography, costumes, or make-up.

Muncie Ballet is a 501C3 - promoting classical music and dance to children through community performances and classes. We are creating audiences for today and tomorrow. 

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