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We have great Shows

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All of our dancers perform in our shows, from our 3 yr olds and up. 
A few more things to know about Muncie Ballet...


No shimmies or shaking going on .. We don't think it's funny or cute when children are given inappropriate choreography, costumes, adult make-up or use music and lyrics that are not age-appropriate.  

No contracts - attend for a month, a semester or a school season


Muncie Ballet is a 501C3, non-profit,- we offer tuition assistance and promote classical music and dance to children through community performances and classes. We are creating audiences for today and tomorrow. 


A fun, fabulous show finishes each semester. We have several community performances each semester. Come join a class.


Want to learn more about ballet?- Please use these resources to find our more about dance.  

Muncie Ballet 1801 W. Kilgore Ave, Muncie IN 765-216-5472    Sign up for dance class today