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Come Dance in 


Register today & secure your spot in class 

We teach ballerinas in a fun and inclusive way!
Register for class today.

  • All of our dancers perform in our shows, from our 3 yr olds and up. 

  • No shimmies or shaking going on. We don't think it's funny or cute when children are given inappropriate choreography, costumes, adult make-up or use music and lyrics that are not age-appropriate.  

  • No contracts - attend for a month, a semester or a school season

  • Muncie Ballet is a 501C3, non-profit,- we offer tuition assistance and promote classical music and dance to children through community performances and classes. We are creating audiences for today and tomorrow. 

  • A fun, fabulous show finishes each semester. We have several community performances each semester. Come join a class!

Please help support our studio and students. Donate today.*

Have your next event with sparkle...

  • Parties for children with activities tailored to your theme

  • We provide setup and clean-up, tables, and chairs for seating up to 100.

  • Or you may hold your party outdoors at the

  • Choose from our themes or tell us what you want. A few themes include Pirate, Pixie, Spa, Island, Survivor, Princess, Pokemon, Video Game, and many more.

  • Rental rates start at $100 an hour with a two-hour minimum. 

  • Use your caterer or ours.  Reserve early for your special day!


Email or call or text to reserve your special day  765-216-5472

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